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SEO is a powerful strategy, which allows you to enjoy global presence on internet. SEO is an imperative task, which will help you in deciding, whether it is valuable for your business or not. INDEES ADVERTISING has a complete expert team for  SEO.

We support our clients at each step of SEO services and bless them with desired online visibility. Our SEO agency in Uttar Pradesh understand clients’ requirements and render customized solutions suitable for their business. We have a team of young minds who blend innovation and technology for catering nothing but the best. It is the result of our excellent SEO strategies that we are counted in one of the best SEO agency in North India .

Our SEO Services Include

SEO Keyword and competitor analysis ­ Initial priority being Keyword research, involves us researching your markets, measure the competition for these keywords, what your competitors are targeting and what your potential customers are searching on.

Market and Competitor Analysis­ Our SEO Team will analyse the most searched and targeted keywords and phrases that relate directly to your business. We also research the SEO strategies of your competitors.

On­Page SEO (keyword implementation) and (link building) – Implementing keywords and adding them to your site is the next step. This means we place these in page titles, body content, links to other pages etc. Keyword reasoning, Website analysis (Meta tags, body, images and style sheets), opponent’ analysis and Header tags optimization also form a part of this.INDGLOBAL employs only the most impressive and safest methods of link building that replicate a natural link recovery profile. The result is higher positions, quicker migration and long term rankings. This includes Article marketing, press release marketing, Social media bookmarking, Blog posting and commenting.

Campaign tracking and reporting­ We believe in regular reporting so you can track your campaign progress every step of the way. All ranking, link building, progress and Analytics reports are delivered on time.


SMS marketing is simple and easy way of sending the information of products,services of the company. From startups to MNC giants sms marketing can be used in all creative ways. Investment is affordable compared to all other way of marketing tactics, even the ROI is comparatively good. We bring your dreams. Low cost sms services in Bangalore. Our company offers best possible price in the market, which suits from startups to MNC giants in all the industryFinance, retail, healthcare, automobile, etc…. From providing information of the products, services, offers and campaigns. SMS is better way of converting the prospects into customers, and keeping the customers interactive in low investment marketing strategy

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